A FIGURINISTA  is about more than just accessories. By bringing together her passions for design and dramatic arts, TekaBrajovic’s art will take you on a journey, it will entertain you, take you into a story

Each piece is meticulously handmade by artisans and jewellers, with superb quality and finishing, and constantly diverse use of materials, from the innovative to the classic.

This is the world of A FIGURINISTA.

Each collection is a short story.

Each piece is a jewelry made of material and precious stories

Teka Brajovic

Teka Brajovic studied history at the University of São Paulo (Brazil), visual arts in Sydney (Australia), and has completed several jewellery courses. Between 2000 and 2005, she developed the conceptual brand IF, which became known for recycling vintage clothes and fabrics. Following this, in 2005, she moved into theatre costume design, and, at the same time designing and producing exclusive accessories and jewelry. And so began the brand A Figurinista.

Brand's history

The name “A FIGURINISTA”, (The Costume Designer, in Portuguese) arose when Teka Brajovic was designing costumes for the theatre. The accessories she produced gained attention both on and off stage, leading her to launch her own brand. Brajovic’s pieces were first displayed in Ana Stumpf’s concept store Garimpo Fuxique, and also showcased internationally by the trend-seeking site Cool Hunting, and soon afterwards were sold in Colette in Paris, Tokyo, New York, and Moscow.